VIDEO: 11 year old fights off kidnapper

DISCLAIMER: This could bring up some feelings. It did for me, anyway. I kept avoiding the click when seeing the headline, but then I had to see it. and now I have to share it.... even though it's bringing up scary memories of when someone tried to kidnap me in Old Navy.

This 11 year old girl was alone at the bus stop, at what seems to be a semi-large street. She's playing in the grass, but realizes an SUV that had stopped to talk to her a couple weeks ago is circling. Then stops again. The guy seemingly waits for the "perfect time" to attack, but she's able to get him on the ground, and get away, before he runs back into his car and goes off.

She is safe at home... but this is going to scar the poor girl for a long time. :( If she's anything like me, she'll have nightmares for many years until another man tries to attack her, and she also fights him off, and realizes she's a badass woman who can survive scary encounters.