VIDEO: Tiny dogs chase bear out of home

Apparently it's been a "problem" that bears in California have become less afraid of humans. They're calling it a mental "issue." I see no problem or issue with this. Bears are presented to us as these cuddly cute things when we're kids, only for us to hear later in life that they're actually killers?!? Maybe they're actually SUPPOSED to be nice but something happened to make them mean for a while. That would make more sense.

ANYWAY. I love a bear video. This bear is like "OOH EMPTY HOUSE CAN I THROW A PARTY?!" and goes walking through someone's kitchen, checking if there's anything to be afraid of.. and sure enough, two tiny dogs come out of nowhere, and their squeaks scare the bear out of the house and it runs AWAY!

I hope this makes you smile like it did me.