Everything EB bought in October

Another month, another look at what I spent my money on. I'm still unsure if doing these blogs is a good or bad idea. It makes me realize how much money I'm spending, but it also gives my purchases a purpose.

With Prime Day happening last month, I went big.

See the clickable links and the gallery of some of the photos! and FYI: These are all the things I actually love. I sent plenty of other things back.

It's almost as if I gave myself an early Christmas... but I regret nothing. There are still plenty of things left on my wedding registry that we need but I won't buy. That means I have self control!

If you see any good deals, I trust you to let me know. Like how Lulu's is doing $30 off $50 purchases. LOVE TO SEE IT. [use a new email address if you already have an account with them]