What should we not waste our money on?! - 3 Weddings & A Podcast

Kruz FINALLY sent out his save the dates and they are actual postcards! Our listener Tatum also joins us to talk about how her fiancé proposed during a pandemic without letting it slip and how they are getting married on their college campus with a student discount! And as she struggles with a budget, we're talking all about the numbers and money! What are the wedding items wedding professionals say you shouldn’t spend a ton of money on and how many of them has EB already planned for? What is the rule for +1's for your wedding? Hear about the awkward moment EB had to bring her EX INSTEAD of her fiance as HER plus 1! In the AISLE PILE: a bridezilla asking her family to pay for her THIRD wedding, a Dunkin' Donut drive-thru wedding, Chris Harrison has a new line, and so much more!


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