Singer Goes Viral After Impromptu Subway Cover Of Lady Gaga's 'Shallow'

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We already love Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper's Oscar-winning anthem, "Shallow," but you'll probably love it even a little more after seeing a new cover of the ballad that has gone viral, courtesy of U.K. prankster Kevin Freshwater.

During his new segment of "Finish the Lyrics," where he approaches strangers to wrap up the lines of hit songs, the online host was blown away when he approached singer-songwriter Charlotte Awbery in a subway station and prompted her to finish a line to the ballad. "Wow you're really good! Keep goin'!" he said after being met with Awbery's stunning rendition of the first verse. With coffee in one hand, she finished up the rest of the chorus and it was pure joy to his ears and ours. "You're brilliant. Well done!" he said, adding, "Are you a singer?"

Since going viral, Awberry has gained plenty of followers on her Instagram account and shared more of her singing talents with a recent cover of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow." Mother Monster has yet to speak out about the viral rendition of "Shallow," but we're expecting a response in the near future!

Photo: Getty Images

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