For the second straight year, MILEY CYRUS tried to steal the show at the MTV Video Music Awards.  But it was for a VERY different reason this time.


Miley's "Wrecking Ball" won Video of the Year, but instead of taking the stage, she sent up a young guy named Jesse, who revealed that he's HOMELESS.  


He accepted the award for the, quote, "1.6 million runaways and homeless youth in the United States who are starving, lost and scared for their lives right now."  (Here's Jesse's speech.  And here's Miley on her way to the show with Jesse.)




He also directed people to Miley's Facebook page, where she's asking people to donate to My Friend's Place, a homeless center for young people in Hollywood. 


(Speaking of Miley, on the red carpet last night, Miley revealed that she's RETIRED from twerking . . . because she CAN'T BRING THAT ASS like Nicki Minaj.  Here's video.)




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Meanwhile, on the total opposite end of the social consciousness spectrum, we have the Kardashians.  Specifically, KIM KARDASHIAN and KENDALL and KYLIE JENNER . . .


Who appeared to be TEXTING while COMMON was talking about Ferguson, Missouri and asking for a moment of silence.


Other than that, the show was pretty unremarkable.  A lot of people thought NICKI MINAJ was going to bring the raunch when she did "Anaconda", but aside from a little twerking, it wasn't that bad.  Especially compared to Miley's antics last year.


Nicki did have a wardrobe malfunction when she did a quick change and came back out to do her verse on "Bang Bang" with JESSIE J and ARIANA GRANDE


For some reason, the front of her outfit wouldn't stay closed, so she had to hold it together with her hands.  (Check out some of her twerking and her wardrobe malfunction here.)


Also, TAYLOR SWIFT tried REALLY hard to become a full-on pop minx last night.  LORDE even introduced Taylor's performance of "Shake It Off" by promising that this was, quote, "the beginning of her brand new era."


But even though she showed some cleavage, a lot of leg, and even her midriff, Taylor never seemed all that comfortable trying to vamp it up.  And her lack of rhythm when she danced was a little disturbing . . . even for someone that white.


(Here's an interesting video of Taylor's performance with her ACTUAL vocals isolated.  Obviously, like everybody else, she sang along to a pre-recorded track.  So what you heard during the show sounded nothing like this.)


(And here are some assorted videos of Taylor's WHITE GIRL MOVES during the show.)


BEYONCÉ closed the show by accepting the Video Vanguard Award.  And she accepted it from JAY Z, who took the stage with their daughter BLUE IVY after Beyoncé did a 16-minute medley of songs from her latest album.


In a "we're-so-not-getting-divorced" show of support, Jay even called his wife, quote, "the greatest living entertainer."  (Here's video of the whole thing.  Skip ahead 16 minutes if you just want to see Beyoncé receive the award.)


(And check out this short video of Jay-Z watching Blue Ivy dance, like any other regular happy dad.)





Also, for some reason, they did a quick tribute to ROBIN WILLIAMS, set to COLDPLAY'S "Sky Full of Stars"(Check it out here.)


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