Celebrities aren't always as nice in person as you'd like them to be.  And some of them are straight-up A-HOLES.  Here's a list of Stars Who Are Secretly Horrible People.



Charles Dickens:  After his wife Catherine bore him 10 children, he divorced her for gaining weight.  And in the media, he called her a "donkey" and an "unloving and unloved mother."



Johnny Cash:  One time when his truck overheated and caught fire, he just left it to go fishing, and didn't even call for help.  It burned a square mile of forest and killed off 49 California condors, which was HALF THE SPECIES at the time.  He was fined $82,000.



Eric Clapton:  During a concert in 1976, Clapton reportedly went on an anti-immigration tirade, using racist language and repeatedly shouting, "Keep Britain White!"



Jimmy Page:  In 1972, when he was 28 years old, Jimmy began having an affair with a 14-year-old groupie.  It lasted several years.



Dr. Dre:  Back in 1990, during his NWA days, Dre beat the crap out of a female hip hop journalist for interviewing his band mateIce Cube.  He repeatedly slammed her face against a wall and tried to throw her down some stairs while his bodyguard kept anyone from intervening.  He walked away with a fine and community service.  She tried to sue him for millions, but failed.



Tim Allen:  In the late '70s, Tim was caught at an airport with a little bit of cocaine.  And when I say "a little bit", I mean FOURTEEN FRIGGIN' POUNDS. He could have been looking at life, but he RATTED on all the dealers he knew, and was free in 28 months.



Chuck Berry:  In 1990, Chuck was sued by dozens of women because he'd allegedly installed a camera in the women's restroom of a restaurant he owned in Missouri.  He ended up settling with 59 women for about $1.2 million, plus legal fees.



The case never went to court, although a raid of Chuck's house did reportedly turn up tapes of women using the bathroom, one of which was a MINOR.  But they also found pot, so he pleaded guilty to possession to make a possible child abuse charge disappear.