There's a woman in Winchester, England who lives alone in a five-bedroom house.  We're not sure how old she is, but she has an adult son.


Anyway, she hadn't even opened the door to one of the spare bedrooms for three months, until her son came to visit last weekend.  And when he went in, he discovered that the entire upper half of the twin-sized bed was covered by a huge WASPS' NEST.


There's a photo of it online.  And when we say huge, I mean the nest was four feet wide, went from one side of the bed to the other, and covered most of the pillow. 


According to the exterminator, there were FIVE THOUSAND wasps living in it.  And they were also INSIDE the mattress.


He says it was so impressive, he actually felt BAD about killing them all.  But as soon as he started messing with the nest, THOUSANDS of wasps started swarming him.  So obviously it was dangerous, and they didn't have a choice. 


There's probably an "empty nest" joke we could make here, but we won't . . . because we're WAY too freaked out by the photo. 



(Check out the photo here.)