Let’s start with Ray Rice.  I, like most people, completely disagree with the two game suspension that Roger Goodell handed down to Rice for one punch knockout of his now wife.  Back in 2008 or 2009 Larry Johnson was suspended for 4 games for spitting a drink in a woman’s face.  So, as the penalty stands, the NFL is showing players that there is less punishment if you just get violent, knock the woman out and shut her up than if you throw a drink at her and continue arguing until a “scene” develops.  I approve neither, but one is obviously deserving of more punishment that the other.

Also, part of the NFL’s reasoning for only giving him 2 games was that Roger Goodell himself had sat down in an interview with both the victim and the attacker, TOGETHER, to get information about what happened.  This woman could have been, and most likely was scared of this man enough to not compromise his future in front of what is essentially his boss.  The interviews should have been done privately.  Having them together, and using anything this woman said as reasoning to shorten the suspension for the man who violently knocked her out cold to me shows that the commissioner knows nothing about domestic violence.  Of course she’s going to say it’s a one-time incident.  Of course she is going to say it will never happen again.  Of course she is going to say she loves the man and is not afraid of him.  She knows the consequence is all too real if she doesn’t play along with the rules. Not a good ruling.  Should have been 4 games minimum, 8 would have been more appropriate. 



Now, the poor Jenner girls. In a small way, I feel bad for them.  Growing up they idolized the Kardashians, and still probably do.  Their vision of reality is beyond diluted. Most recent example, this weekend they were out “house partying” with convicted felon and woman beater Chris Brown who was recently released from prison as well as Trey Songz. Now, before you get angry with me and say I’m being too judgmental just STOP for a second.  STOP.  This girl is 16 years old.  Kylie is a 16 year old little girl, and she is hanging out at house parties with guy who just celebrated his 25th birthday….IN PRISON!!!!  I feel horrible for Bruce. I can see what drives him so crazy.  The worst part is, the MoManager Kris probably set everything up for the girls to be at the party as well as the photos to be taken…she may have even taken them herself!!!  She should be partying at Chuck-E-Cheese, not with Chris Brown.