So, we all know Justin Bieber got in trouble once again.  I'm going to have to take what seems to be an unpopular stance and side with Bieber on this one, ill explain why.

First, Biebers blood alchohol level was far below the legal limit....only a traceable about of alcohol (.014 i belibe) was detected when he took a breathalizer at the station.  That alone tells me the DUI charges will be dropped.  Secondly, the police say he was "DRAG RACING?"  Seriously?  A Lambo, going between 50 and 60 mph is NOT DRAG RACING.  It's called speeding....barely.  Also, the police have admitted they were "tailing" Bieber before the arrest.  What?  Why?  Seems to me that someone had planned a confrintation.  Multiple cars tailing him BEFORE he started DRAG RACING??? Hmmmmm.  It all makes sense tho because the day before Bieber arrived in Miami it was all over the internet that he was going to be "meeting some strippers" in Miami.  Is it possible the Miami police wanted to make an example of Bieber before he could do something stupid in Miami??  Absolutley.  Just smells of rotten fish to me.

I do think Bieber was probably driving his Lambo a little over the speed limit, quite possibly the speed of traffic.  However, when pulled over is when he lost his cool, became uncooperative and probably told the officers of course I'm drunk I'm JUSTIN (EXPLETIVE) BIEBER, of course I'm high I'm JUSTIN (EXPLETIVE) BIEBER, search the car, breathalizer me.  Well, they did search the car.....found nothing.  Did breathalizer him, .014....again, just smells of rotten fish.

Lastly, I've heard people say today what Bieber needs "is a good (expletive) whoopin."  C'mon, really??  You really think that is going to help someone become less of a thug?  What happens if he defends himself?  Is he then more of a thug?  If anything, he needs REHAB.....and MUSIC!!!!!