A few things about getting to hang out with Brock, Joe and Devin today:


-- PRIDE.  The community is behind these guys,  Lets send them off with a great turnout at U-Mary.  Jimmy will be broadcasting live...stop out!!


-- ENERGY.  It's very cool seeing young men using so much of their energy, and they have LOTS for something that effects others more than it has effected them.


-- FUN.  Joe doing his "Capital City Corey" radio voice was pretty close...he did take a video of me doing my best impression of myself so he can practice up for next time!!!  


And, here's the story with the "Scooter Race."  It was originally supposed to be a tricycle race where the guys, Jimmy and myself were going to compete, however I had bad luck finding a tricycle that was a good fit for our matured bodies.  The "new" trikes have seats with backs on them, making them so children cannot fall back words, which....just didn't work.  So, we were left with scooters and we did not want the guys to use up too much energy so instead of having them do a short scooter race, we just assembled 'em, first one to put their scooter together and in riding condition won...and, IT WAS FUN!!!!  Congrats to Devin and his Disney Princess scooter for taking home the gold.


Best of luck to the Bike2Believe crew on their trip and their effort to donate as much money as possible for the Bismarck Cancer Center and the American Cancer Society.  You can make a donation at Bike2Believe.org.  Lets give them a big sendoff tomorrow at U-Mary from 11:00am-1:00pm!!!