May 9th



It’s that weekend, that means two days without me telling you about any cool apps or products. Download the Tappd app to get apps all weekend and whenever you want! Select the categories of apps you like; games, lifestyle, food, and others. The interface is cool, it’s like a social media platform for apps . You have a feed, called your “Aptivity Feed” where you see a bunch of apps along with reviews from others. Tappd is helpful yet fun and easy to use! Also…FREE!


If you haven’t already signed up for Dollar Shave Club it’s about time! It’s a monthly delivery service of blades for your razor. Every new member gets a free compatible handle. You’ll pay either $1, $6, or $9 a month depending on the type of razor you want. It saves you money and a trip to the store.  Guys - beards are hot in the winter and all, but in the summer not so much. Ladies - we may get away with not shaving our legs in the winter but in the summer it’’s a must. This has come as a recommendation from so many of our listeners!