March 21st

Elvis’ assistant, Andrew, was telling me all about his favorite blanket, the Chappy Wrap. I had no idea what he was talking about so he brought it in. THIS THING IS AMAZING!!!!!! It’s better than your average blanket. It’s HUGE, made of cotton, and keeps you really warm so it’s perfect for snuggling. I am a blanket hoarder, I love them, this might be the best one I’ve come across! The Chappy Wrap collection is filled with different colors, patterns, and designs that they make a great throw blanket! The design is two sided, but slight different on the underside. Andrew has the "Bear Hug" blanket but I want the American Flag design!

It’s really hard for me to find a pair of jeans that fit me and are comfortable. I’ve been purchasing a lot of denim leggings and I’m learning they look best on me! No nonsense, we know them for their tights and stockings, has a GREAT collection of denim leggings. I am in love with their white ones. Not only do they fit but they are SO comfortable - no button or hard material digging in to me. The back has real pockets so they have the functionality of real jeans. Here’s my favorite part: they are ALL UNDER $25! The pair I have are $15.99! The next time your friends spend over $100 on jeans let them know how many No nonsense denim leggings they could have bought! No nonsense also has Denim Skimmers - the shorter version for spring and summer! The Denim Skimmers come in cotton and have fun patterns! You'll also fin corduroy leggings! An entire collection of pants for the price you would pay for designer jeans.