August 15th



Lifebooker is like a Groupon for beauty and health items ONLY. Think gel manicures, blowouts, teeth whitening, juice cleanses, and more at super cheap rates! Get eyelashes, massages, hair removal, highlights...all the things that are super expensive are super cheap and it gives you the opportunity to try new places! Danielle and I want to do a cleanse after the fair and we are going to use Lifebooker to find one! Download the app so you have it with you all the time!


If you weren't sure if you wanted to break up with your boyfriend let The Boyfriend Log app decide for you. Each day you evaluate how you feel about your relationship and choose from feelings like happy, sad, flat, or angry and the app will color code that day according to how you feel. When you look back on the month you'll be able to see all of the colors you selected - if you see a lot of red I say dump him! You have the ability to take notes on each day as well. It's $1.99 so if you don't think your relationship is worth buying the app, well you have your answer! Guys, don't worry, the Girlfriend Log will be out soon!