April 4th


It’s that time of year, everyone is starting to train for marathons and 5k’s! Our sneakers are the most important accessory when training so why not jazz them up? BeeCause Charms sells individualized sneaker charms! Start a collection and get a new one for each race! The attach through your lace and look great front and center on your sneaker. I would have loved to have these when I was a cheerleader - great fro team spirit! There are tons of BeeCause Charms to choose from; different sports, cupcakes, crowns, favorite workouts, how many miles you’ve ran and more!. They also have custom charms, you can get the picture or initials of the person you are running for put in the charm!  I love that they are blinded out so they stand out but don’t worry guys, any of the charms can be made into non-bling! The prices range from $12-$15.



If I am addicted to an app, I am going to make everyone addicted. I have been playing 2048. Bare with me as I explain it. It’s a numbers game, but don’t worry, it doesn’t require any math! You start with a “2” on the board, move the 2 and another 2 pops up. You want to put the 2’s together to make 4. But as you do that, another 2 pops up. Every time you make a move a 2 will pop up, eventually 4’s start popping up. Keep combining the numbers, eventually your 4’s will be 8’s then 16’s then 32’s then 64’s etc. You want to get a tile to say 2048! But be careful, if your board fills up you lose. If none of this makes sense, it doesn’t matter, JUST PLAY IT! NOW! Apple + Android.