MY FLAT TESTICLE: Greg T’s daughter jumped on him and now one of his testicles is FLAT! What is going to happen to him?

WHY AREN’T YOU TAN: Greg T thinks it’s obnoxious to not have a tan in the summer. Are you still pale?

ARE YOU WATCHING THIS SHOW: Greg T HATES the new HBO show “The Leftovers.” There is a cult on the show that doesn’t speak! They are always silent! What’s the deal?

JESSICA SIMPSON IS RUDE: Jessica Simpson got married over the holiday weekend. Greg T thinks it is INCREDIBLY RUDE to assume everyone wanted to give up his or her 4th of July to celebrate her wedding. What are your thoughts? 

ICE CREAM HELL: The ice cream truck is torturing Greg T. It comes EVERY NIGHT right when he’s about to sit down to dinner with his kids. They start screaming that they want ice cream and his house turns into pure havoc. Is the ice cream man ruining your life too?