MY JOB MAKES ME SMELL: When he was a kid, Greg T worked at Wendy’s. Whenever he came home from work his mother would make him change in the garage because he smelled so bad! He wants to know, what does your job make you smell like?

YOU’RE OUTTA HERE: At a club this weekend, Greg T witnessed two guys being tossed out for being uncontrollably drunk and making a scene. Where have you been kicked out and why?

MY JOB HAS NO IDEA I EXIST: What do you do for a living? Do you feel appreciated? Does your job know you exist? Do you work from home, or are you always at the office? Do you work in the corner office where no one notices you?

BABY NO-NAME: Greg T’s friend is about to POP in just two days and she still hasn’t chosen a baby name – WHAT?! When are you due? What baby names do you have in mind? Let us name your baby!


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