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Over the past few years, Flux Pavilion has managed build up an army of loyal fans with his diverse sound, and his music is about to get even more eclectic. After releasing his EP "Blow the Roof" at the beginning of 2013, he is now about to embark on a tour surrounding a brand new EP. 

We got to hang out with Flux Pavilion at Electric Zoo in New York City. He told us about what he likes about being in New York, his upcoming Freeway Tour, and revealed he's releasing a new five-track EP. Check it out:

How had your set go today at Electric Zoo?

Pretty damn good. It was awesome. I like New York. It kind of feels very European and it reminds me of being home. Like as far as North America goes, it is the most English in a sense, I guess, because this is as close to England as you can get. It does remind me of home but in a very wonderful American way. It's great.

What makes it so European?

I'm not sure. I think it's because it's a cold weather city, and it's quite built up, and there's loads of people from all over the world. England is quite a diverse place. London is really cold and there's from all over Europe. New York has kinda got the same feel to it. It's really great, but also American as well which means you [have] really good fast food, which is awesome! It's good for me. If I could wear a jacket and eat a big slice of pizza, I'm pretty happy.

After releasing your EP "Blow the Roof" at the beginning of the year, how do you think it did?

Well as far as I'm concerned I kind of like forget about something once I finish the music. I'm not really interested in chasing numbers and seeing how well something is doing. Like if I release something, it means I'm happy with it, and once I'm happy with it, I just kind of let it go out in the world to see what people think. So I thought it was awesome.

Their [the fans] reaction is always great when I play this stuff out. Like that's kind of all I got to see is when I perform the music and it always goes out really well so that makes me happy. 

With so many different influences in your music that make it sound so diverse, how would you would you describe it?

I don't know. It's kinda just music that I make really. Everyone has their own voice, you know, and accent. You recognize your friend's voice because it's their voice. You recognize your friend's face because it's their face. It's the same as music that I write. It's my music, essentially. I can't really describe it. It's like describing the sound of your own voice, or like the shape of your own body. I mean it's just your thing, you are born with it. It's the same with music. I was just born with this stuff in my brain and that's what it sounds like pretty much.

After working Childish Gambino, are there any rappers that you would like work with?

Not really. Not really at the minute. Collaborations tend to be more a conversation,  or a meeting, or a drink. It's kind of just like a friendship essentially. A collaboration is the result of a really good chat with someone.

Are there any rappers you want to befriend?

Well, nah, because I'll just be friends with them if I meet them, really. When I meet someone if they're cool and they like me, and I like them, then we'll work together. I don't really like to chase after people because they're cool and hyped, and stuff like that. I'd rather it be just natural and we work together because it is going to happen organically I guess.

Since your music is so diverse, what other music do you listen to outside of electronic music?

I don't really listen to much electronic music. I kind of tend to listen to, at the minute I'm listening to the new Vampire Weekend album. Strokes, Frank Zappa, Cinematic Orchestra, Patrick Watson, just organic, like generally more acoustic music to put it into kind of a genre. Like chilled out, relaxing, more ambient stuff is what I like. 

Tell us about the Freeway Tour?

Well, it's a tour that I'm doing. It's like eight weeks long. I've done five-track EP that's going to come out halfway through the tour. So we'll do half the tour while I get to play the music, people haven't heard it yet. Then we put out the EP, and then kind of do the rest of the tour. So it's like the Freeway Tour is based around the EP and then the EP is based around the idea of touring as well. Once you hear the music it should make a bit more sense.

*Note: He played 4 out of the 5 tracks on the new EP in his Electric Zoo set!

Tell us about the new EP?

I did "Blow the Roof" and it was a more jump-up, kind of like dance-works stuff on there. And I just put out a track called "Standing on a Hill," which is based generally on the idea of kinda going back to my roots of playing guitar, and singing, and approaching music from a singer/songwriter perspective. I kind of would like Flux Pavilion, to rather than just being ... because I don't want to pick up my guitar and feel like I can't record it on a Flux Pavilion track. I'd like Flux Pavilion to be everything that I am. So this EP is more of a teaser to what stuff I really like making essentially.

There's been loads of tracks that I haven't put out because I've been scared of what they would think essentially. And then kind of like six months ago I'm like, "F**k it. I don't ever care anymore." Like I'm just gonna put it all out. It's music that I've made, so essentially if they like it, they like it. If they don't, they don't. As long as I'm happy with it, then I don't really care.

Since we are at Electric Zoo if you were an animal, what animal would you be?

I guess I'd probably be a sloth. I'm relatively lazy and I look like a sloth. I'd like to be a silver tiger with like bright blue eyes. That would be awesome. But most likely I would be a sloth, I think.

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