When the Seattle Seahawks needed one final stop, coach Pete Carroll didn't hold anything back.

The Rams trailed 14-9, with fourth-and-goal on the final play of the game. They came out in an empty backfield set, so the Seahawks had a decision to make. They could have played it safe and covered all five receivers going out for a pass. No chance.

The Seahawks blitzed, rushing six players at quarterback Kellen Clemens. Under pressure, Clemens hurried a throw to Brian Quick, who didn't have time to wheel around on his route against Brandon Browner. The throw went over Quick's head, and the Seahawks won. Barely.

This won't be a game the Seahawks put on a highlight reel at the end of the season, but a loss could have had serious implications in the NFC West race or playoff seeding. Seattle survived with a 14-9 win, and improved to 7-1. That's all. There was nothing to get excited about.

The Seahawks gave up 200 rushing yards to a one-dimensional offense with a backup quarterback who hadn't started a game his team won since 2009. Seattle's banged-up offensive line was horrendous on Monday night. The Seahawks gave up seven sacks and never allowed the offense to get going.

Even the one highlight the Seahawks had, an 80-yard touchdown to Golden Tate, wasn't something they'll want to remember.

Tate caught a long pass over cornerback Janoris Jenkins, who fell down. The moment Tate broke free from Jenkins, he started waving goodbye to safety Rodney McLeod. He was so involved with taunting and waving at McLeod, he almost wandered out of bounds before the end zone, and he also was close to getting caught.

Tate scored, but got a 15-yard taunting penalty.

"It’s a great play by Tate, but just finish the play and get on with the game," ESPN analyst Jon Gruden said on the broadcast, not trying to hide his disdain. "I have no idea what Golden Tate is doing right there."

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